HDFC Bank Limited signs multi-year software development contract with FYNDNA Techcorp Private Limited

HDFC Bank Limited signs multi-year software development contract with FYNDNA Techcorp Private Limited

August 19, 2022

Mumbai, July 13, 2022: As part of HDFC Bank Limited’s ("Bank") efforts to progressively transform itself into a completely digitalized ecosystem, the Bank has partnered with FYNDNA TechCorp Pvt Ltd (“FYNDNA”).

It has signed a multi-year contract with FYNDNA for the development and deployment of several Enterprise-class systems. The intent is to unify customer information, consolidate systems, build resilience in its payment infrastructure, provide cloud-ready, scalable product ledgers and, integrate all of them and enable them to operate with existing solutions and platforms.

This is a part of the Bank’s objective of forging alliances with Fintech players to offer a new age, digital experience to its customers. This partnership will enable HDFC Bank to respond to changing customer requirements with speed and agility in real time. The Bank will use FYNDNA's expertise to aim for higher availability and consistency in its operations in keeping with the 24 X 7 needs of its customers.

About FYNDNA TechCorp Pvt Ltd

Promoted by C N Ram, P Kumar, and Manmath Kulkarni, FYNDNA TechCorp Pvt Ltd ( will develop a suite of products to assist banks and financial services players worldwide in their digitalization journeys. The promoters have more than 100 years of banking and technology experience amongst them. The foundation will be cloud-native and use proven open source components. The solutions will be designed to operate with existing software in Banks while providing an easy migration path to mitigate risks. Security and data privacy will be built-in rather than bolted on later. Cloud nativity will provide elastic scalability to meet surging demand. Increasing the efficiency across functions and enabling data availability for real time decisions will be part of the design. Choice of cloud-agnostic components will enable customers to choose their preferred service provider.

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